League Milestones

 These milestones only include the League season and do not include tournaments


1st Hit: Jacob Dietz, Team Extreme


1st RBI: Jacob Dietz, Team Extreme


1st Home Run: Jacob Dietz, Team Extreme


1st Grand Slam: Tyler Kowalczyk, Team Extreme


1st Win (Pitching): Jacob Dietz, Team Extreme


1st No-hitter: Jacob Dietz, Team Extreme 


1st Team to 5 wins: Team Extreme 


1st Extra Inning Win: Imperialists 


1st Walk off Home Run: Jesse Wood, Imperialists 


1st Team to go Undefeated in Regular Season: Team Extreme, 8-0 


First League Champion: Team Extreme 







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Breaking News

Next Tournament: May 17, 2014

1/2/14 Team Extreme wins December Slow Pitch Tourny

1/2/14 New Rule Changes coming to the NCWBL

1/2/14 Improvements to be made to the NCWBL

7/23 Team Extreme is the 2013 NCWBL Champ

Event Dates

NCWBL Event Dates:

Next Tournament: May 17th, 2014

Opening Day of League: May 24th, 2014

Summer Tournament: June TBD

Christmas Tournament: December 20th, 2014

Email [email protected] to register or if you have any questions.

2014 Projected Rankings

2014 Projected Rankings
Coming Soon!

Fast Pitch





Slow Pitch





Player Power Polls

Fast Pitch:


1)  Jacob Dietz (TE)

2) Matt Miller (TE)

3)  Tyler Kowalczyk (TE)

4) Isaac Pearson (IMP)

5) Joey Bukowski (HRS)


1) Tyler Kowalczyk (TE)

2)  Jacob Dietz (TE)

3) Matt Miller (TE)

4) Joey Bukowski (HRS)

5)  Denver Dombroski (IMP)

Slow Pitch:

1) Tyler Kowalczyk (TE)

2) Jacob Dietz (TE)

3) Matt Miller (TE)

4) Joey Bukowski (HRS)

5) Isaac Pearson (IMP)

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