2014 League Team Rosters, Overview, and Report Card

Team Extreme:

6 Tyler Kowalczyk 

9 Jacob Dietz

7 Matt Miller

23 Daniel Mullis (Slow Pitch Only)

25 Cody Simpson

Michael Sidorov (Fast Pitch only)


Team Extreme comes into the season as the favorite to win the league as they defend last years title. They have a powerful offense combined with shutdown pitchers. They return the core three pitchers from their rotation: Dietz, Miller, and Kowalczyk but also added a guy with great potential in Michael Sidorov. Kowalczyk looks to get spot starts but mainly stay in the bullpen as the teams closer.Team Extreme has always been known to have great defense in the past. They however fumbled the ball around some at the December tournament which would have lead us to drop their defense rating but they showed at the May tournament that their defense is better than ever. The addition of Cody Simpson will add a defensive play maker to the team which will sure up the defense even more. They struggled to produce the usual offense at the May tournament but found ways to score runs. They just didn't score in bunches like usual, instead they scratched runs across. If the Green Machine continues the dominance at the plate and on the mound they will be a force.

Team Report Card:

Overall: A

Pitching: A+

Offense: A-

Defense: A+

Tradition: A+

Uniforms: A

No Talent White Boys

Jesse Wood

Matt Wood

Oddly named because they have plenty of talent, NTWB will be a very solid team heading into the 2014 season. They are armed on the mound with Jesse Wood and Mike Anderson. Jesse Wood was last year's Player on the Rise Award winner and will produce on offense and on the mound.  Matt Wood is pretty unknown but we expect he will at least hold his own, if not much more, and help the NTWB produce runs.

Team Report Card: (Projected)

Overall: B+

Pitching: B+

Offense: B

Defense: B

Tradition: C

Uniforms: C

Team USA

Aaron Bare

Billy Winecoff

Alec Stewart

Aaron Bare is in his rookie season but we got a glimpse of him at the May tournament. He looked impressive on the mound and will most likely be the team's ace. He has the ability to hold teams down. He also swings a solid stick so look for him to product in the lineup. Billy Winecoff provides a solid second arm in the rotation and swings a good bat. The unknown for the team is Alec Stewart who did not play in the May Tournament. This team will be a tough team to beat so look for them to make some noise.

Team Report Card: (Projected)

Overall: A

Pitching: A

Offense: B

Defense: B+

Tradition: C

Uniforms: C


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