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2014 North Carolina WiffleBall League Information 

Basic Info

The league entry fee is $75 per team which comes out to $15-$25 per player. The entry fee covers both the fast pitch and slow pitch division. That will be less than $1 per game per player. Teams must pay on or before Opening Day. The NCWBL has bills too so no pay, no play. The season will begin on June 1st and end around July 20th. Games are played on Saturdays starting at 9am or another time on the weekend if the teams agree. We ask teams to arrive at least 30 minutes early to their games so that they can get warmed up and be ready to play at their scheduled time.

Team Uniforms

Teams will need to wear the same colored shirts to games. We are not requiring teams to have full scale uniforms but we do need teams to wear the same colors. Team colors need to be submitted to the NCWBL prior to the start of the season.


We will have each team play at least 2 games each Saturday, but most game days will have 3 scheduled games. If a certain date does not work for a team, the captain needs to notify the NCWBL as soon as possible. If the NCWBL is not notified by 5pm on the Wednesday before the game day, the team will either have to forfeit the games or pay the fine. The team captain has the opportunity to decide whether he wants to take the forfeits or the fine. For each forfeited game the fine will be $6 per game. Keep in mind that each game day will be at least 2 games and most likely 3 games. If a team says they do not have enough pitching for a scheduled game on a given game day, they will be subject to the forfeit rules. If teams agree to play more than the scheduled games on a given Saturday we will allow the teams to play. Both teams must agree to play in order for the game to be played. The schedule will be released prior to opening day.


Player and team stats will be recorded and posted online. We will do our best to get stats posted by the end of the weekend of games. At the latest they will be posted early in the week following the games.


We will be video recording games throughout the season. Both fields will have a camera running but we may not get every game, every week. We will get footage of all teams throughout the season. Each week we will video the ?Game of the Week.? Videos will be posted online.

Walk out songs

We will have walk out songs for players that submit ones to us. When multiple fields are being run simultaneously we will only be able to do the walk out songs on field one. Players will need to provide a song name, artist, and the start point of songs if they wish to have walk out songs for the season.

Team Classes

This season we will be adding a two class system. Class A will feature the top-notch teams and Class B will include teams that just want play casually, and teams that are still developing. This will provide better matchups between teams and prevent mismatch games. This helps insure that the NCWBL is a good time for all teams. The Class system is good for new teams that are still trying to grasp the game. This system will be void if we do not register enough teams for the 2014 season.


The regular season will set the seeds for the playoffs. The exact playoff format will be determined by the number of teams in the league. All teams will make the playoffs though. The semi-finals and the championship will each be a 3 game series. We will determine the format of other rounds once the number of teams in the league is known.

Teams must have a set pitching rotation for playoffs. An innings pitched per series limit will be set shortly.

All Star Game

We will have an All Star game this season. This will be the first season of playing the All Star game. We will have a HR Derby on the day of the all star game as well. The All-Star game will take place at the conclusion of the season.


We will have a fast pitch and a slow pitch division. The entry fee covers both divisions. The slow pitch season will most likely be shorter than the fast pitch season. We do not do an All Star game for slow pitch only teams.

Twitter Updates

We will be keeping our twitter followers in the loop from wherever they are! We will post in game updates, live scores, and anything else NCWBL related. Follow us @NCWBL

2014 NC WiffleBall League Information

Start Date: June 1st

End Date: Late July 

Roster Size: 3-5 players

Entry Fee: $75 per team

Games will be played on Saturdays or Sundays if both teams agree

All-Star game will be played

HR Derby will be held

Live Twitter feeds during games

2013 League Champions:

Fast Pitch: Team Extreme

Slow Pitch: Team Extreme 


  We would like to thank all who participated in the 2013 League season! 

League team information

League Roster Policy:

Official rosters must be submitted prior to the start of the season. Team rosters may consist of 3-5 players. A player must play in at least 2 regular season games to be eligible for the playoffs. The NCWBL must be informed of all roster revisions. Roster changes will be announced on the website and/or facebook page.

Players in fast pitch must be at least 14 years old. 


League 2014


Fields are not guaranteed to have fences each game. We will have fences available as much as possible but there will be times when we cannot get the fences up for the games.


Walk up songs will be available but we can only play them on one field at a time.  We will get everyone but only those playing on field one will have their song played on that given day. We only have one speaker and one laptop with the music on it. We will attempt to get another speaker and put the songs on an ipod in the future when we have more funds available so we can run songs on both fields.


Umpires will be provided but we cannot guarantee an on-field umpire each game. If an official is not present, the team captains will decide the call. In most cases, an on-field umpire will be available.


It will be up to the teams to bring their own food and drinks. We currently do not have a concessions stand set up but this will be something we look at addressing in the future.


If we do not have enough teams register to divide teams into the competitive and casual divisions we will have to put all the teams into one division. We will still have fast and slow pitch divisions but the classes will not be divided.


Teams with unpaid fees and/or forfeit fines will be ineligible for playoff games unless payment is resolved prior to start of playoffs.


Games will be played in almost any weather. If conditions are dangerous we will not play but in most cases games will be played. We will play in wind, light or heavy rain, and snow. We will wait out thunderstorms and play once lightning is no longer close.


We will eject players and/or teams for failure to display appropriate sportsmanship and obey league/site rules.




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